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Simple things you can Do To Use Green Energy


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From hydroelectric dams to wind farms, power collection is an integral part of our world's electrical grid. The truth is, you can help keep the grid going by supplying your home with its own green energy. You will not only be powering your own equipment, but this allows you to give back to the grid, as well. Read on for some ideas to help you get started.

If you want to conserve energy, adjust your air conditioning unit so that it is set two degrees higher in the summer and two degrees lower in the winter. You will probably not be able to tell that you have changed it, but taking that step will save you on your monthly bill and bring down your carbon emissions.

In order to save extra energy around the house, be sure to set your electronics to a power-saving mode when not using them. A power-saving mode will reduce the amount of energy spent by the device. This way, you can save energy and cut down the cost of the electric bill.

You should never use a small amount of warm water all at once. Doing this will just gradually increase your overall energy usage. Instead, try using all the warm water you plan on using immediately. For example, you should try having all your family members take a quick shower at once.

Think outside of the box. While many people think 'solar' panels when they think of green energy, there are other ways to take advantage of the sun. If you are building a new home, consider incorporating passive solar design into the home. By building with materials such as concrete or adobe and taking advantage of the sun's natural heat with south-facing windows, you can create a home that will naturally heat itself in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

Use rechargeable batteries. While they might cost a little bit more initially, they will save you a lot of money in the long run. Rechargeable batteries can be used hundreds of times, and they only need to be replaced about every five years. Another benefit is that you aren't constantly adding corrosive batteries to the landfill.

A good benchmark to use when determining how much power a new solar system is likely to generate is the number of hours of sunlight in the winter. This will guarantee that you will have energy no matter what the weather brings, and it will result in a surplus during the summer. However, you should also include any refunds you will get from your utility company for excess energy generated in summer!

If you want to save energy, try not to use your dishwasher very often. Instead, let your dishes air dry. Dishwashers tend to use a lot of energy and because they use so much power, your electricity and your water bill will be through the roof. If you have to use the dishwasher, put it on a low setting.

If you are struggling to maintain low energy costs in your home, you should try putting in a water-efficient flow control washer or shower rose that is Triple A-rated. Triple-A appliances are designed to decrease the amount of energy used in your home, which will ultimately lead to large savings.

Buy a solar water heater for your home. Water heaters consume a massive amount of electricity every day, even when not in use. By purchasing a water heater that harnesses energy from the sun you will see an instant reduction in your power bill. Make certain that it is well insulated.

Get your whole family thinking about green energy by stocking organic, recycled or eco-friendly products whenever possible. Ask your kids to identify such products on the shelves at the store and explain why those products are better for your family, your home and your environment. You can also segue such conversations into other eco-friendly practices like shutting off the water while brushing your teeth or turning off lights when not in a room.

As previously stated, going green doesn't need to be costly or time-consuming. Sometimes, small changes to the home can pay off handsomely. When attempting to go green, recall the tips in the article above and share them with others to increase the impact on the environment.

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Government of Chile (carefully) commits to develop geothermal energy market

During the opening speech at this year's GEOLAC geothermal congress for Latin America & the Caribbean, Undersecretary of Energy in Chile, Ricardo Irarrázabal stressed the government of Chile's commitment to support development of geothermal energy in the country.

The Undersecretary of Energy, Ricardo Irarrázaba expressed his commitment during the 6th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean – GEOLAC 2019, held on July 17 and 18 in Santiago in Chile. What signs did it give the industry? The main statements of the official.

The Undersecretary of Energy, Ricardo Irarrázabal, was in charge of giving the opening speech of the event that brought together public, private and multilateral actors committed to promoting geothermal investment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Clean Energy

During his speech, Irarrázabal explained that “the latest analyzes derived from the Geothermal Bureau, estimate that its technically exploitable potential of the areas explored in Chile is around 3,000 MW , which together with its tremendous possibilities of thermal use places us , again, in a privileged place worldwide for the electrical or thermal use of this energy source ”.

In that context – he explained – that the Government of President Piñera has a clear vision regarding knowing how to take advantage of the energy resources and the excellent levels of competitiveness shown by renewable energies, “promoting the elimination of entry barriers to help modernize and build A more sustainable Chile. This requires taking on new challenges, one of them is the need to generate the conditions for the massive integration of renewable energy sources to be achieved efficiently and sustainably, promoting, for example, greater flexibility of the electrical systems that allow to accommodate a greater amount of variable renewable energies ”.

Undersecretary Irarrázabal also stressed that our country has renewable and manageable energy resources that can help provide efficiently and sustainably the flexibility that the systems will require.

“Geothermal energy is one of those that is called to add to the prominence of renewable energies, having complementary characteristics to variable renewable energies, to be able to deliver a basic, manageable supply, with 24/7 availability, invariable before fluctuations climate and have a high plant factor, in addition to sharing the advantages of being a clean, renewable and own energy source ”.

For his part, Virginia Brandon , representative resident in Chile of the World Bank, explained that “the Southern Cone has a vast experience that could be replicated at regional and global level. The Forum is an important platform for this exchange and to expose advances in the geothermal sector, both in generation applications, and in the development of the first geothermal power plant of the Cerro Pabellón subregion in Chile and the work on low geothermal resources enthalpy. ”

The World Bank Group continues to be the largest multilateral geothermal development funder, providing resources for about US $ 2.3 billion in investment financing worldwide over the past decades, in order to help countries diversify their generation matrices electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“In Chile, we have been working with the Ministry of Energy for several years within the framework of the National Determined Contributions objectives for a cleaner energy matrix, but also strongly supporting the geothermal discussion that is currently taking place. We applaud the leadership role of the region in this scenario and in that of global climate change, in which the Government of Chile as host country of the next United Nations COP25 is betting heavily, ”Brandon said.

Commitments of the Energy “route” around geothermal energy:

  • The creation of the coal thermoelectric power stations, which allowed the Ministry of Energy to formulate a decarbonization strategy of the electric matrix, which in addition to the aforementioned withdrawal and other actions carried out by the Ministry, such as increased penetration Renewable energy, energy efficiency, electromobility, distributed generation, electrification of transport and industry, allows us to assume in a responsible and serious way the commitment of carbon neutrality by 2050;
  • The improvement of the regulatory framework for the incorporation of flexibility into the electrical system, which allows us to develop a safe, efficient and sustainable electrical matrix over time, through a high integration of renewable energies;
  • Promote the placement of international funds in instruments for mitigating risks to deep geothermal exploration in Chile, together with adequately recognizing this risk in the postponement or early termination clause of the supply contract for the bidding conditions;
  • The digitalization of the application procedure and processing of geothermal concessions;
  • The improvement of Law No. 19,657, on geothermal energy concessions, to facilitate the development of thermal and shallow uses of geothermal energy;
  • Encourage shallow exploitation through a “Geothermal Direct Use Program”, which considers lines of work focused on strengthening the energy market of this technology, as well as its possible contribution to district energy challenges;
  • Promote a modern and efficient market that does not put obstacles to the integration of new renewable energy sources, among other issues.

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